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Updated: July 11, 2021

Most Recent Update: Faculty and Staff Listing: July 11, 2021.

Faculty and Staff

This listing of faculty and staff has been extracted from annuals and commencement programs for Sheridan High School by the Sheridan Historical Society. It covers from the beginning in 1952 through the spring of 2018. This listing does not includes Principals. There is a separate list of all Sheridan High School Principals. It should be noted the are known omissions from this list. Some annuals did not include all faculty, staff members, coaches, or sponsors. Annuals from 2005 and 2009 have not been reviewed. We will add names when the information becomes available to the Society.

A special thank you is given to Sheridan High School Principal Michele Kelley and Activities Director Dave Fromson for their assistance with this project in 2016. We also want to thank the following alumni for assisting with this project by making their annuals available for review: Stacey Guy Magee, Class of 84 and Suzanne Wilderotter McMillan, Class of 89.

This follow list is thirteen pages long and is provided in a PDF format.

Faculty and Staff Listing (PDF Format) Updated: July 11, 2021


It is a desire and goal of the Historical Society to provide biographies of faculty and staff members of Sheridan High School. These will be done as time permits and biographical information becomes avialable to the Society. It you wish to assist with these biographies or contribute information on faculty and staff to the society, please send an email to Roger B. Rowland.

There are only seven people that have served thirty years or more at Sheridan High School from of a list of over 775 faculty and staff members.

Larry Carre'
Peter D. Facchinello

Alvin Parker
Bob Webb
Frank S. Williams
Arthur "Art" Wollenweber

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